To Override Barriers of Distances and of Embarrassment of Limits and Limitations.
Because all People of the World from the four angles of the Hearth
Can Interact with Professionists and People of their own Language and Culture.
Slogan: All Together We Know Everything
Dedicated To: Peaple of Our Wanderful Land
by dottorPaF and ym
  • Your Land heare on ConsultRiver is: your"Hearth and Home, Your World's part that in ConsultRiver becomes All the World".
    A space where each and everyone can professionally show, become available to share opinions, informations and advice.
  • Consult in ConsultRiver are: the "availables", in other words all registered members to CR become availables, inserting your own "professional"profile in ConsultRiver, you become visible online even to each and everybody, even to not-members.
    The Consult Chouses independently and modify data to be inserted and shown; when and if be available and answer online, according to his/her modality.
  • OfficeLand.
    Questo spazio è il Vero Studio Professionale
    Quì ogni professionista potrà: dare appuntamenti, incontrarsi, ricevere persone proprio ciò che farebbe nel suo studio.
    L' OfficeLand comprende tra le altre modalità anche la Consulenza Professionale dietro Compenso.
  • If you have a Company, or each and every kind of activity, this is the ConsultRiver Space Where you can where you can insert it, from this icon you can on every moment modify or update or remove the inserted material.
  • If you have some interesting material to publish (post, reports ext:) this is your ConsultRiver space to do it. Clikking on this icon you can insert, modify or remove your articles in each and every moment.
  • You are organizing an event that concern your activity, your Company, or the Company you're working for is organizing an event and whants to show it on ConsultRiver, this is an advertisement space.
  • This icon gives you access to your data both personal and professional that you have inserted on ConsultRiver and from heare you can modify and update or delate them on each and every moment.
  • This icon allow you to select from the Consults's list the profiles you consider interesting, to keep , as well as to have someone's visitcard.
  • BluePeople are persons you are linked with toward Cordiality on ConsultRiver.
    Are persons who have accepted your requests of cordiality; or that you have accepted.
    You can chouse from the Availables's list, who you want to be directly linked with in Cordiality, so that you will be informed on his/her activities, and vice versa.
  • All registered in Consultriver, can talk each other sending and receive private mail messages.
  • ConsultRiver uses a chat through wich all members can instantly talk when they are online.
  • This two colors show in which part of the website you are, if the background is yellow you are into the part of the web visible to everybody, when the color of the background is ivory, you are in the space that only you can manage and see.