Dott Paola Felici

Psicologa Psicoterapeuta
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Iscritta all'Albo degli Psicologi della Regione Lazio 5089

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Roma, RM, Lazio, Italia
Phone Number: +39 3805152563 - +39 3389038367

Professional Profile/Interventions Areas

Psicoterapia individuale di coppia e di gruppo
Formatore in: Costellazioni Familiari Sistemiche secondo il metodo di Bert Hellinger e di Anne Anceline Scutzemberger
Ipnosi Eriksoniana
Formatore in: Ipnosi Pratica
EMDR Psicotraumatologia nell'Emergenza
Esperta in Ansia, Stress, Attacchi di Panico, Disturbi Psicosomatici, Fobie, Traumi, Tecniche di Rilassamento, Training Autogeno, Soluzioni Incantate, Visualizzazioni Guidate.
Autore del libro "Il Rosa è per Tutti" manuale per l'autorealizzazione.
Direttore di: PsicologiaItinerante

English Language Professional Profile

Dr. Paola Felici Phd
Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Hypnotherapist and EMDR
Trainer in:
Transgenerational Psychology
Systemic Family Constellation
Practical Hypnosis
Author of the Spellbound Solutions
Director of:
cell +39 3805152563 – +39 3389038367

Education and Training

Laurea in Psicologia
Università La Sapienza di Roma
Specialista in Psicoterapia
Iscritta all'Albo degli Psicologi della Regione Lazio 5089
Formatore in Costellazioni Familiari Sistemiche
EMDR Psicotraumatologia dell'Emergenza
Ipnosi e Ipnoanalisi Eriksoniana
European Institute of Psychoterapy
Autore del metodo delle "Soluzioni Incantate"
Autore di "Il Rosa è per Tutti" Manuale per la realizzazione del Benessere, Autoguarigione, Autorealizzazione
Esperta di Ansia, Panico, Fobie, Consulenza Psicologica Online, Campi di Informazione Transgenerazionale.

Other things about me

Complete CV

Education and Professional Experience

-1986- Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology, Rome University ”La Sapienza” with a experimental thesis on: “Performance Anxiety”.

-Signed to the Psychologist Order of Lazio Region: I.N.(Identification Number):n°5098

- Specialist Psychotherapy.

-Private practice working with individuals, couples and groups.

-Conducted a personal Jungian analysis and supervision, (three years) by a registered psychoanalyst of CIPA.

-6/12/87-12/11/87- Clinical Internship, Frascati Counseling Center, Rome.

-5/18/89-5/17/90 -Clinical Internship- Department of mental health, Frascati, Rome.

-1986-Theoretical and practical course to become instructors of biofeedback techniques at the “Centro di Commutazione psicologica”, Rome, Italy.

-1986- Theoretical and practical course to become instructors for autogenic training for pregnant women at the “Centro di Commutazione psicologica”, Rome, Italy.

-1987-Course in clinical sexology, Hospital “Fatebenefratelli”, Instructor: Professor Gaetano Forleo.

-1988 Specialization course in theoretical experiential brief psychotherapy at the Institute for the Study of brief psychotherapy.

-1988 Member of Society ‘Italian Medical Psychotherapy, with oral presentations held during the following congresses
-Siena 1988
-Torino 1989
-Lecce 1990

-1990- Graduate course in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Bionergetic held at the medical school hospital in the Lazio region, Instructor: Professor Antonio Lolacono.

-1988-1991- Cognitive Behavioral Specialization Course (Three Years of Four) at the Walden Institute, Rome, Italy, Instructor: Professor Paolo Meazzini. Specific Topics covered: strategies of organization, personnel training, retraining staff, corporal restructuring, managerial strategies. – Biofeedback.

-1991- President of the Association “Genesis” (Italian association for research and prevention of mental disorders in clients with mobility impairments).

-1994-1995- Consultant psychologist and speaker regarding single issue seminars for parents and teachers, at the State Education Board Circle 2, Nursery and Elementary School Villa Sciarra, Frascati.

-1995 September-1999 December the 31st – Psychologist Researcher in a Researching and Developing Group on Synthetic Intelligence working in a project of the “ENEA (INN-RIN Department) Frascati Center of Research and Innovations”. Qualification of Expert External Researcher for the Organization of the “Basic Research Structuring”; “Operator Training”; Organization of the research for the construction of a training trial for the blind patient, with particular deepenings for the study of the application of Sensorial Perceptions in the robotic of the “reflexive machine” in “emulative intelligence”, and deep functional study of the appliance, wich would allow to the blind patient a form of perception and interaction with the enviroment.

-1997 -Participates to the “REHA” International Exhibition to help people with disabilities, Dusseldorf.

-1998- Participates to the Endy Matica Exhibition national convention of advanced technologies, informatics, telematics for people with disabilities.
-1999 - Inventor, Author and Director of www.psicologiaitinerante.it. This portal is described by the psychology magazine - Yourself - in the following terms: “This website is one of the absolute best sites in psychology”. With over 3.000 signed collegues of the several italian Regions. www.costellazioni-familiari-sistemiche-it is created afterwards.
-Author of several articles published on web portals containing scientific sections.

-Expert advice and online interactions with more than 20.000 contacts. – Over 900.000 visitors till today

-2000-2007- Guest expert on several national television and radio programs on various themes of anxiety, panic attacks, relaxation techniques, Bach flowers, Aromatherapy, Cromo therapy etc.

-Publication of a CD for relaxation (guided visualizations).

-2001-2003- Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Brief Psychotherapy at the European Institute of Psychotherapy, Instructor and President of the European Institute of Hypnotic Psychotherapy : Peter J. Hawkins.

-2001- Training offered by Dr.E. Rossi , M.D, on Hypnotic Psychotherapy

-2001-2007- Training workshops on Systemic Family Constellations with Bert Hellinger, Dr. Gunthard, Dr. Otto Brink, Sieglinde Schneider, Jacob Schneider, Ilse Kutschera, and Stephan Hausner.

-2003 -Conference, Rome “A vision of abortion from the perspective of systemic family constellations, severe stress in the mother and child” with publication of the congress proceedings.

-2003- Provides trainings and seminars in Systemic Family Constellations.

-2003-2010- Organizes masters in Eriksonian Hypnosis (with the collaboration of Dr. Hawkins), Biofeedback techniques and guided visualizations.

-More than ten years experience and extensive studies in meditation techniques and reharmonization, Bach flower therapy, Master of Crystallography, color therapy, aromatherapy, music therapy reiki level.

-2004- Founder and President of “Wisdom Accademy Serving Life” (Europa Counseling) for the dissemination of Hypnosis, Psychotraumatology, Family Constellations, Transgenerational Psychology and other relaxation techniques.

-2006- Master in EMDR psychotraumatology, Instructor: Dr. Isabel Fernandez

- 2007 -Lecturer of the congress „Sisthemic Family Constellations“ Organized by the Municipality of Venosa with the sponsorship of Potenza Province and Basilicata Region.

-2008 Counted in “The Connectives” (Persons who have reached sch an active conciousness level which motivates’em day by dayto do something to induce humanity of our daies to a quantic jump which will lead into a new dimention of the transformative evolution: the olistic man dimention).
Partecipated as lecturer to the 1st World Congress.

- 2008 May - Lrvturer of a “Meeting on Psychosocial Uneasiness” collaboration between the Municipality of L’Aquila and the University of L’Aquila, Faculty of “Formational Sciences”

-2009- Author of the book “Il Rosa e’ per Tutti”
(Pink is for Everybodiy) relaxation techniques, guided visualizations and enchanted solutions.

-2010- Honorary member in The Romanian Association of Integrative Psychotherapy

-2010 -October- Lecturer of the workshop on “Transgenerational Family Constellation” kept at the Salesian University of Venice.

-2014- Founded - ConsultRiver - An International Website of “Consult” - “To Override the Distances and Embarrassment’s Barriers of Limits and Limitations” .
To allow each and every person, everywhere in the world, to interact with professionist of their own languadge and culture.

To write FairySienceTales (science told as a Fairytales) pubblished “The Magic Wand” original title [La Bacchetta Magica].
To read: Ancient masters/Quantistic Physic/ Symbology/ Archeological sites of interest for Electromagnetic and Telluric fields. Ext.
Has beeing practicing Meditations Tecniques for 25 years, till today.

Dott. Paola Felici
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